Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm a nanny to 5 kids. (Ages & Names: Big Boy: 7, Twin Boy A: 5, Twin Boy B: 5, Small Boy: 3, Baby Girl: 2)

I work full time during the school year, bringing them in the mornings, picking them up, doing homework with them, feeding them some dinner too.

Summer months are a bit different. When the older boys are in camp, I bring them and pick them up. Small Boy and Baby Girl are in day care. I bring them and pick them up too. When they go on vacation, it's either (a) a nice break for me or (b) a trip that I attend.

I love these kids. I've been with them for 5 years, once the Twins were born. Now that there is so many of them, I have to be honest, it gets a little daunting to do anything with them. It's pretty difficult to round all these kids up all the time. Still, I manage.

But when I see sites like this one, I wonder, why are some people nannies?!

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  1. how fun! my sister in law is just finishing up a year of being a nanny and loved it. that site is crazy though!

    so glad you stopped by my blog! i love your blog design :-)