Sunday, August 30, 2009


Being anonymous in the blog world is an oxymoron.
I am posting things about my everyday life and family and I don't include pictures or names.

Why? For starters, it was because I was a nanny. I didn't want anything to run into that, out of safety and consideration. For me, for the kids, for the family.

Now, it's just a personal choice. There's nothing to hide but why put it all out there? :)

There might be a time where that changes. Actually. There probably will be. However, there are lots of great blogs out there that I enjoy that are completely anonymous. And I love them just as much as I do the blogs that aren't anonymous.

So that's why. I didn't get asked at all. But I just wanted to put it out there.
Also, I am crappy.

I am a magnet for mosquitos lately. I swear I could be outside for all of ten minutes and at least 4 bites.

...Have I mentioned I'm ready for fall???
P.S. I'm so into this song right now. I want to listen to it all day long. With my hands raised.


  1. Nothing wrong with being Anonymous. I'm ready for fall too.

  2. Love that song! Being anonymous can be fun! I just couldn't do it! Ha!