Monday, August 3, 2009

doggie supplies.

Tonight, Boy and I went shopping for Oliver. :) Oliver got fixed today, they came to check out the apartment, and everything's a go! So when ever he is done feeling bad at the vet (aww Mama's poor babe..) he can come on home. So tonight, we went shopping to get all his stuff!

Did anyone realize how much stuff a puppy needs? Okay, so he probably didn't need the Longhorns jersey, but hey, Longhorns are a way of life to us and how is he supposed to attend tail-gating\games!? Exactly, in the long run it was a necessity. A real necessity.

So here are some of the things we got, also, if anyone has any treat suggestions for little puppies, please let me know!

both from here.
bought from Wal-Mart

all above from here.
bought at Petco.

from here.
bought at Target.
from here.
bought at a local store.
I'm sure once Ollie Nugget arrives, lots of trips to Petco will be in order if he is a great fan of the cute outfits. :) Yay for all the great puppy stuff! We are so excited! I will keep everyone updated :)


  1. I hear ya! I found a kitten in January..they are SO easy compared to puppies but still requires a lot of stuff...and vet visits for shots, spayed, etc! Oliver is so cute though!! You're gonna be a great furmommy! Is he just yours or are you and boyfriend doing this together?

  2. What's The Perfect Getaway?!?!?! I've never heard of it... ooo what's your email btw? I totally agree we would <3 each other IRL!

  3. Great finds.!! You got really cute dog supplies. That pet polo shirt from Target is my most favorite.