Friday, September 4, 2009

halloween and random.

Halloween around here is like Religion. No, I'm not kidding in the least bit. It's a pretty big part of our year. :)

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What is a good choice for this year!? Usually by now we have our costumes figured out and ready to go. But it's already September 4th and we don't have any clues!!!

- tooth fairy and dentist.
- adam and eve.
- barbie and ken.
- elvis and priscilla.
- dorothy and tin man.
- alice in wonderland and rabbit. (i'm not too sure he'd go for this unless we make it not to cartoon-y)

Any other ideas?
I'm feeling pretty decent. (yay) We will see how long it lasts :D
And last thing, what are your plans for the holiday weekend? We are just going to hang out. Maybe go to a picnic or two. Depending on how I'm feeling. :) Have a safe and happy Labor Day :D

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P.S. BooMama is hosting a DipTacular blog tour. :) Yuummmmm....
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