Monday, October 26, 2009

first award.

So I got this award from Aly back in...forever ago. Literally. Sorry Aly, promise I didn't forget. :)

So, here are the rules: I tell you guys 5 things I am completely obsessed with, and nominate 5 of my fabulous favorites, too!

5. I'm obsessed with 'entertaining'. I think I'm Martha Stewart-Paula Deen Jr. Yeah, it's ridiculous.

4. Nail Polish. I find all the brand new shades, and obsess over which ones to use. My best friend actually text messages me while at the nail salon to make sure she's picking a good color. :)

3. Chinese food. Simple as that.

2. My DVR. :D

1. Zebra print.

Haha, was that totally ridiculous?

And I'm not going to nominate anyone, because I'm on my way out and busy busy bee so if you want this, grab it, and let me know in the comments. :D