Friday, August 14, 2009

busy weekend and recap.

This coming up weekend is going to be so so busy for us!!!


Saturday & Sunday:
That's right! TWO weddings this weekend!!! We were supposed to go see Time Traveler's Wife, but, we are going with 3 other couples tonight, and needless to say, the girl's got out-voted, District 9 it is. So we are planning on making Monday a girl's day (none of us have to work--after the Sunday wedding!) and we are going to go see it. Originally our girl's day was going to be mani's and pedi' we're just going to have to fit it all in!!! :)
A fun announcement!!! Because I participated last week in Fab Fridays over at Danielle's Blog, hosted by Sweet Tea Diaries, and because I was the only one, she is sending me a little treat! Isn't that the sweetest? I just love sweet girls from the blogging world :)
In other news, I got my truck back, and woah, did it take a whole bunch of effort. Seriously. Too much effort for comfort, I suppose I learned my lesson and will be neurotically reading all the signs from now on no matter what!!! Or walking... haha.
Lastly, I am looking into getting a new car!!! Nothing huge or extravagant. I was actually considering either:

a. Honda FIT

b. Scion XD

c. Nissan Versa
All above images are from Google Images.
They are all basically the same shape :) Can you tell I like it? Haha. It's great on gas milage, not too expensive, but I think they're going to be really nice! Most likely in white or black.

So any suggestions? Pros or Cons? Does anyone drive one of these, or know someone who does, and like\dislike it?

Have a happy weekend :)


  1. Just came across your blog, it's too cute! Congrats on the engagement!

  2. I like the Scion! I'm new to your blog too and congratulations on the engagement!

  3. My dad loves his Honda Fit. I was worried it wouldn't be comfortable for my fam (we are all really tall) but it is a great little car!