Wednesday, August 5, 2009



I'm officially...


YES SERIOUSLY! I can't beleive it myself! It was such a surprise. :)

We went to a picnic at my parents house, both of our families were going to be there, and this isn't weird because both our mothers are friends, we all attend the same church, etc. So we are all there, and the reason for all of us getting together was showing off Oliver.

We get there, and everything is so regular and normal. As a side note to explain to you how I really had no clues: I was wearing Texas Longhorn yoga pants and a tank, and my hair was up in a pony tail, I promise you--I had no idea.--or I would have done pageant make up and close to a ballgown. (kidding..sort of...)

After dinner, I'm helping my momma clean up the plates from outside. I go inside with her, and she runs back out for more. I rinse the plates, come back outside, and Boy is standing there and everyone else is sitting around, no one is acting weird. I come back over to the tables, sit down, and Boy says "stand up". At this point, I still have NO idea what is going on. I stand up, and like me, start to giggle.

He says "H (well, my name) I love you so much. You make me so happy." At this point he gets on one knee. I start to cry. Our mama's start to cry. I giggle and cry more. Then he says "Will you marry me?" This statement is followed by me saying "Are you serious? Are you kidding me? Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh." "YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!" And then there's lots of crying, and clapping, and hugs, and shaking, and excitement!

And the ring!!! AHHH!!!

picture from my BlackBerry

Overall. The proposal was perfect. I was totally and completely caught off guard!!! I'm so happy and blessed to have a man like him in my life :) I can't wait to start planning an amazing wedding!

But for now, we are going to enjoy being engaged!!!


  1. 4 things.

    1. So bummed that I missed you on g chat.


    3. You may have been sporting sweats, but at least your nails were done.

    4. I am on a blog break. I should not be commenting, but really had no choice. Saw the message on g chat and HAD to check in.

    One more time -- CONGRATS!

  2. So exciting, congratulations!!!

  3. Oh my goodness congratulations!!!!! THAT SOUNDS SO SWEET & PERFECT :)